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Digital servo controller and data acquisition unit

  • 4-axis digital servo controller
  • 10kHz logging
  • Powerful and versatile software suite
  • Si-Plan 1085 digital servo-controller. A powerful and versatile solution for machine control and data acquisition

    The Si-Plan Electronics Research 1085 series digital servo controller and data acquisition unit is a development of the widely-used 879 controller. It offers a flexible, stand-alone system, for use with the company's range of test machines and as a retro-fit digital controller to existing machine frames from other manufacturers. Servo-control is implemented on the embedded processor. The control algorithm is user accessible via the PC interface.

  • 10kHz update interval for control
  • Data logging up to 10kHz
  • Up to 4 axes of servo-control
  • - Control using any input as feedback or generate a demand output for secondary controller
    - Proportional, Integral, Differential and Velocity with high or low pass filters
    - Adaptive control adjusts demand waveform to match demand peaks
  • Internal waveform generator for Sine, Triangle, Square, Parabolic or user waveforms. Alternatively, use an input as an external demand.
  • Multiple independent data loggers with multiple channels up to 10kHz from any input or any internal parameter.
  • Machine and test control by block or script programs
  • - 'C'-like compiled script language with full control over machine and test behaviour enables Si-Plan to produce bespoke application software when required.
    - Optional block programming module provides simpler control over the system to create complex test sequences.

  • Dimensions: 530 x 430 x 210 mm high
    Vertical config: 160 x 430 x 550mm high.
  • Weight 11.5kg
  • Input power supply: 110V/230V 50/60Hz

  • Processor card with built-in digital I/0
  • AM335x ARM Cortex-A8 1gHz processor processor
  • Fast Ethernet connection (10/100BaseT TCP/IP)
  • 24 digital inputs, 5 to 30VDC
  • 24 digital outputs, 5 to 30VDC at 0.5A
  • Optional analogue monitor points ±10VDC
  • Power from single 9 - 24Vdc supply

  • Analogue I/O card
  • Up to 2 cards supported
  • FPGA for inter-card comms and additional processing
  • 16x16 bit analogue inputs: 10kHz, ±10V
  • 19 bit analogue input option
  • 24 bit analogue input option
  • 4x16 bit analogue outputs: 10kHz, ±10V
  • 4 channels of quadrature encoder inputs at 1MHz
  • Additional 16 channels (8 in and 8 out) 3V logic I/O direct to FPGA

  • Optional communications card
  • RS232 serial
  • RS422 / RS485 supports MODBUS for example
  • I2C to support extra digital I/Os, sensors or displays for a simple HMI
  • CAN bus
  • External connection by RJ45 socket with optional power

  • PC Software
  • Supports multi-axis control
  • Supports multi-machine control
  • Data logging for multiple internal controller variables, not limited to inputs.
  • Test control program
  • - Start and stop machine and tests
    - Adjust common test parameters
    - Upload block/script programmes
    - Upload user waveforms
    - Display machine/test status
  • Multiple DPMs display any channel
  • Logger
  • - Real time XT and XY plots
    - Set up channels and capture rate
    - Set logging cycle interval
    - Output data in CSV format for external analysis in spreadsheets
  • Trip setup gives multiple trip limits on inputs, digital inputs or hardware trips.
  • PID setup

  • Si-Plan logo

    Si-Plan Electronics Research Ltd, Avenue Farm Industrial Estate,
    Birmingham Road, Stratford-upon-Avon, CV37 0HR, UK
    Tel International: +44 1789 205849 | Tel UK: 01789 205849
    Fax International: +44 1789 415550 | Fax UK: 01789 415550

    Si-Plan ISO 9001:2000